About You:
You're the reason I can do what I love to do. Thank you so much for visiting the site and viewing my work. If you have any questions please drop me a line.


What sets me aside from the majority:

I am not just a guy that takes photos, I am an artist. I take my time and create an image that captures that moment in time. I have described my style of shooting as that of a sniper. I take pride in not ripping through bursts of images, I am selective and precise in taking my shots. In addition to creating my own vision, I work closely with my clients to ensure I bring their visions to life through my photographs.


My Mission

I produce quality images that capture; emotions, atmosphere, personality, and moments in time. I strive to take my viewers to the place and moment I experienced, preserving Life Long memories through my artwork.

About the Photographer:
Josh Land - I fell in love with photography at a young age. My father had a Minolta SLR and an array of lenses, which always fascinated me. I hold a Bachelors degree of Fine Art/Photography and dual minors in Commercial Photography, as well as Computer graphics from the University of Akron. I have been shooting professionally since 2002. I have worked for one of Cleveland's best commercial studios (T.R.G. Reality). I would love to have a studio and run it based on my experiences there. I've had a broad array of experience; from Fine Art, to weddings, stock images, sports, children's portraits. I have just about done it all.


What others have to say:


"Josh Land not only makes us all look like super stars, he is able to tell stories with his photographs. He doesn't just simply shoot photos, he makes pictorials out of a mere single image."

-Eriq Troi  Musician/Producer


"Josh & LSQUARED Photos are great. Josh takes amazing live photos. He's been able to capture intimate emotions and moments during our pro basketball team's games. Highly recommended. "

-Brian Essence Collins  Owner Akron Aviators Basketball team


" He doesn’t just take photos...he captures movements with emotion you can feel!! "

-Tracey Gordon Nguma  Vocalist Umojah Nation